flam (fire dancer)


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Flame is an international performer from England, who creates beautiful spectacles by combining dance and performance with fire.

Flame has performed in hundreds of shows and has a wide range of experience working at five-star hotels, weddings, corporate events and parties.

During her time in London she trained in belly dance, Bollywood dance and dance choreography. She also attended Goldsmiths College, graduating with a first-class degree in Media and Communications.

Flame combines her acts with carefully selected music. She also has extensive experience as a freestyle performer alongside DJs and live bands. The combination of her different skills and styles means that she can customize performances to different kinds of events and according to the needs of her AUDIENCE.


  • Fire eating
  • Single fire hoop
  • Double fire hoop
  • Poi
  • Fans
  • Single Fire Staff
  • Double fire staff
  • Standard ropes
  • Super ropes
  • Swing clubs
  • Flow wand
  • Fire wand (fire effect)
  • Firework staffs (fire effect)
  • Sparkle effects
  • Sparkle poi


  • Belly dance (choreographed)
  • Wings
  • Fan veils
  • Finger cymbals
  • Fire fans
  • Palm candles
  • Fire hoop
  • Fire eating
  • Veil
  • Mask dance
  • Fire staff
  • Fire ball
  • Belly dance with djembe drummer (improvised performance)

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